The Moth; "Lewisburg III"

The Literary Review; "The Color Wheel Has Been Canceled"

DIAGRAM; "Pine" 

L.A. Review; "Is This Your Bag Please Would You Open It"

FIELD; "Date, 2005" and "The End of the World Has Been Canceled" 

Fence; "Elegy" 


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Southword Journal; "Hummingbird" and "The Bees Have Been Cancelled" (1st Place, Gregory O'Donoghue Prize)

FIELD; "The Seer Dreams Helen" 

Colorado Review; "Palimpsest"

Kenyon Review; "Sinaia, Romania" 

Eyewear Press; "Knockout Mouse Model" (featured in the Radcliffe Science Library at Oxford University)

ASH; "We Never Lived Here" (Oxford Poetry Society Prize Winner) 

Oxford Poetry; "Portrait of Empathy Holding a License Plate"

Southword Journal; "Sashimi" (3rd place, Gregory O'Donoghue Prize)

Poetry London; "The Lyric I"